Why businesses should consider switching to solar power

Why businesses should consider switching to solar power

In current times, it is crucial for companies to partially switch to solar energy. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, solar energy offers significant long-term cost savings and increases business continuity through independence from fluctuating energy costs.

Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

In addition to operational cost savings, solar energy also offers tax incentives such as the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). These incentives can significantly reduce initial investment costs, making solar energy a financially attractive option.

Stability Issues in Industrial Roofs

A common problem is that many industrial roofs are not strong enough to support conventional solar panels. Traditional solar panels are often too heavy for these roofs, which can cause structural damage or require additional investment in roof reinforcement. Fortunately, a solid solution is now on the market: lightweight solar panels. These innovative panels are significantly lighter than traditional solar panels, making them suitable for use on less stable roofs without the need for costly structural modifications.

There are several innovative players in this market, but not all products can be easily compared. Cheaper products, for example from China, can show defects after a few years. Especially in Belgium, where roofs have to endure a lot of precipitation, moisture and hail, it is important that the panels can withstand this. A thorough preliminary investigation into the right type of lightweight panel is therefore essential.

Battery Systems for Optimal Use of Solar Energy

By attaching a battery system to solar panels, companies can store the energy generated and use it when needed. This maximizes the efficiency of the solar panels and ensures a reliable power supply even during peak consumption or power outages.

Several vendors now offer industrial battery solutions compatible with solar energy systems. Companies such as Generac, LG, and other major players are developing advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) ranging from 200 kWh to 1,000 kWh capacity. These systems can reduce peak loads and optimize energy costs by taking advantage of utility time tariffs, and also provide resiliency during power outages.

Obligation for Large Consumers starting in 2025.

As of June 30, 2025, companies consuming more than 1,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) annually will be required to generate part of their electricity with solar panels. This measure, imposed by the Flemish government, ensures that large consumers reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the energy transition. Companies must install at least 12.5 Wp per square meter of roof area of solar panels by then, with further increases in these requirements in subsequent years.

More information on the obligation for wholesale customers can be found at the Fevia website.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Business

  1. Cost savings: By generating their own electricity, companies can significantly reduce their energy costs.
  2. Energy independence: Reduced dependence on the power grid increases business continuity and stability.
  3. Sustainability: By using clean energy sources, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a better environment.
  4. Increased Property Value: Buildings with solar installations tend to be worth more, providing an additional financial benefit when sold.
  5. Improved Brand Image: Companies that invest in sustainability can count on a more positive image and greater customer loyalty.

Ecobeam: The Solution for Flexible, Lightweight Solar Panels

Ecobeam offers an innovative solution with flexible, lightweight solar panels suitable for less stable roofs. These panels are much lighter than conventional alternatives and can be easily installed without the need for expensive modifications to the roof structure. This allows businesses to still benefit from solar energy even if their roofs are not suitable for traditional panels.

Advantages of Ecobeam Panels

  1. Lightweight: Reduces the load on the roof.
  2. Flexible: Easily adaptable to different roof types.
  3. Cost-saving: No need for roof reinforcements.


For companies that want to invest in renewable energy but face the limitations of their roof structure, Ecobeam offers an excellent solution. The use of flexible, lightweight solar panels makes it possible to reap the benefits of solar energy without structural risks or high costs for roof modifications. Coupling a battery system can also improve energy efficiency and reliability. Given the upcoming obligations, it is essential that wholesale customers take action now to comply with regulations and take advantage of the many benefits of solar energy.


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